Super Trendy Studded Sneakers [DIY With CC]

I LOVE anything studded, and I’ve been craving some studded shoes for months. I knew it would be cheaper to DIY, but I was worried that poking studs through fabric would leave spiky edges that would hurt my feet. Luckily “Honestly…WTF” found a way to get the look without making your shoes really painful. Plus it’s super easy to do! If you’ve been craving a cool way to work studs into your wardrobe, this is the way to do it…

What you’ll need:

  • A pair of sneakers
  • 150-200 brass cone spikes (available here)
  • E600 adhesive
  • A small container or popsicle stick (it doesn’t matter what kind, this is just to contain the glue, the lid from a water bottle works great!)
  • Toothpicks, or
  • Tweezers if your hands aren’t very steady

How to stud up your sneakers:

First, squeeze some glue into your small container or onto your popsicle stick. Don’t put too much as you don’t want it to dry out too quickly! Then, use a toothpick apply a small dollop of glue to the back of a spike.

Using your hand, or the tweezers if you find that easier, place the spike onto the sneaker and hold down firmly for a few seconds. Start placing your studs along the shoe’s baseline so you avoid gaps. Continue adding spikes in any pattern you like, but always test the placement beforeĀ gluingĀ the spikes down.

Leave to dry over night, and you’re done!

[Thanks to Erica from Honestly…WTF for the idea and photos!]

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