5 Tips For 1/2 Marathon Training [One Month Challenge]

While my one month challenge with CollegeCandy is now at an end, my half marathon training is not. I am on a 10 week program that will only continue to get more rigorous. After a full month, I have gathered some useful information that you can use if you ever decide to take the same challenge. Read through my tips and then add your own in the comments!
1. Have a Strong Desire 
Don’t even think about training for a marathon or half marathon unless you REALLY want to do it! This isn’t for the faint of heart and it’s not something you can do half-hearted. This is a huge time commitment and (in most cases) a major lifestyle change. If you don’t want to run in extreme heat, you’ll have to wake up early before work. If you want to waste a good run, you can’t get wasted the night before. Your social calendar will go down a notch on your priority list. On the upside, you’re going to feel GREAT and have so much more energy! Not only will your body look and feel good, your mind will be sharp and more focused.
2. Don’t Run on an Empty Stomach
Haven’t eaten all day but still attempt a run after work? It’s going to suck. Fatigue will set in sooner than usual and your legs will be super weak. You’re body needs fuel to burn. Training on this level shouldn’t be used as some sort of super weight loss plan. That is incredibly unhealthy. If you run in the morning, eat something light before you head out like a banana or a granola bar. Exercise jump starts your metabolism, so prepare to feel more hungry throughout the day. This is a good thing! Feed your body lean proteins and stay away from greasy, fatty or processed foods…trust me, you’ll feel them during the next morning’s run. Stock up on some healthy fruits and veggies to snack on through the day!
3. Stretch it Out
It’s good to get your muscles warm and loose before your run, but I really enjoy a thorough stretch after a run. It’s a great way to cool off and help with muscle recovery. And frankly, it just relaxes me!
4. Lots and Lots of Water
I know I should be drinking lots of water anyway, but it’s been especially important during this training. Not only does water flush your system of toxins, but it’s super important to be fully hydrated while running in the summer heat! The hardest part of a hangover is being dehydrated…it’s not a good idea to run in that condition.
5. Give Yourself a Break
It would be great if all progress moved steadily and consistently forward, but that’s not super realistic. There will be good days and bad. You may have a week of great runs, but for whatever reason, have a terrible run the following Monday. Don’t kill yourself. You’ve still made loads of progress since your first run! You cannot always control all variables that contribute to each run, you just have to keep running.
Hope this is helpful! I’m just a beginner, but I’m excited to see how it all turns out!

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