14 Eye-Rolling, WTF and Sometimes Useful Things Grandma Used to Say

You’ve probably heard these proverbs from your grandmother, 4th grade teacher or crazy Uncle Jessie. Just some quick quotes that are sometimes ‘deep,’ sometimes outrageous and sometimes lacking any rhyme or reason. CollegeCandy decided to take a trip down memory lane and dig up a few proverbs that will make you nod your head in approval, roll your eyes and have you wondering, “WTF?” In my more cheesy moments, I really dig a good idiom, ya know? If nothing else, they provide a good snicker.
Check out our list and leave us the most outrageous proverb you’ve ever heard in the comments below!

[lead image via itsmejust/Shutterstock]

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Tuffy Luv Sez: Tattletales No Have Friends
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