8 Men Who Could Be Suri's Real Dad

Suri Cruise (or Holmes?) is one of the most talked about children in Hollywood. This is mainly because her “dad” is a nutcase and her mom is ever the victim. I feel really bad for this kid, but at the same time her parents pamper her in a way that makes her scream for paparazzi attention. So, I guess she can deal with some public scrutiny. This scrutiny comes in the forms of fashion choices, being carried all the time, and now…who is Suri’s real dad?
Lets be real ladies, Tom Cruise is probs gay. He’s also a nutty Scientologist (which as it turns out is not recognized as a real word). The possibility that him and Katie had sexual relations is even less likely than Michael Jackson’s kids growing up to be normal.
Here is our list of the men who might actually be Suri’s dad. Who do you think?

Seducing the Siberian…HUH!?
Seducing the Siberian…HUH!?
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