How to Navigate the Unexpected Parts of a Relationship

Dating is not easy. It’s new, it can be uncomfortable, and you never know what information to share or to just hold off on. Every date is like opening a present, you never know what exactly is going to be in the box or under the wrapping.

So what do you do when you’re given some extra info that you just did NOT want to receive? What if the present is muuuuch more than you initially bargained for? Do you just get up and run for dear life?

As inviting as that suggestion may be, we all know it’s not the right thing to do! So what is the appropriate reaction to hearing some unexpected news or fielding a cringe-worthy confession? Click here to read about the dos and the definite don’ts of how to handle those moments that catch you way off guard!

[Lead image via Shutterstock/NinaMalyna]

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