Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders: One Big Publicity Stunt?

The news of KStew and her hunky Snow White and the Huntsmen director Rupert Sanders getting busy shocked the celeb gossip world. But is it true? At CollegeCandy we’re calling BS, and here’s why:

KStew released a public statement. Wait, let’s get this straight. The news came out just yesterday and already oday she released a statement. Keep in mind, she’s not married, doesn’t have children and nothing illegal went down. When have we ever heard of a person with no family ties to their significant other issuing a public apology over a simple cheating claim? Oh, that’s right, never.

Rupert released a statement not long after Kristen. Once again, why so many statements? When has anyone in Hollywood owned up to crap this quickly?

If they were really “just recently” photographed how would Liberty know yet? And if she knew about the affair prior to the photos being released, why wait until now to say something

KStew FINALLY opened up about her relationship with RPatz in her PUBLIC apology. Great timing, girl.

She has been seen in increasingly girly outfits, holding hands with Robert, getting photographed on dates etc. Could this alleged affair be nothing more than another attempt to solidify her as a straight female in Hollywood and dispel pervading rumors that she’s gay?

Why would you let yourself get photographed if you DIDN’T want the world to know about your affair? Guilty parties typically don’t indulge in PDA, keeping their illicit activities reserved for private moments when there is zero chance paparazzi will see.

So what’s my conclusion? Kristen has been keeping her alleged homosexuality under wraps by creating tons of buzz about her heterosexual relationships. We’re saying publicity stunt all the way with all parties involved — money is being exchanged and mega amounts of publicity are up for grabs, everyone’s going to be cashing in. We also speculate that if Rupert and Liberty get divorced, it was probably already going to happen and they probably made bank on this story.

Now we just have to wait to see what RPatz says…

[Photo via NY Daily News]

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