How To Receive Stress-Free Oral [Sexy Time]


It is pretty much a scientific fact that well-executed oral is one of life’s greatest pleasures, whether you’re a man or a woman. However, ladies receiving oral is obviously a really mainstream sex act, but I mean, how often is it really discussed?

I haven’t done any empirical research on the topic, but I’m 99% sure that women receive way more messages about how to give pleasure than how to receive it. Guys generally grow up in a society that doesn’t shame them for their sexuality, while us ladies certainly don’t have the same luxury. We are probably way more likely to have some hangups and insecurities about our bodies and about the way we embrace our sexuality. I know several girls who have expressed anxiety over receiving oral, to the point where they decline offers. Whereas, guys may worry a little when they’re inexperienced, but they’re not so nervous that they’d say no to advances. This is completely unacceptable.

If you’re someone who is hesitant to let your partner go down on you, it’s time to destroy that anxiety.

PS – while the risk of contracting STDs from cunnilingus is low, there is still a risk. Safe sex is great sex!

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