Stay Trendy with the Latest Tee Fashions! [Budget Stylista]

It’s hard to stay on top of the latest trends these days without emptying your bank account. What are we economical fashionistas to do? The answer is simple: Shop!
Okay, I must admit that I was never a fan of the online shopping site before. Everyone and their mother (yes, even my mother) knows about Lulu’s, so I was not about to hop on the bandwagon. After all, I want my style to stand out! What could possibly be worse than walking down the street and running into a girl with the same blouse?
It seems that I’ve had a change of heart when it comes to Lulu’s. I’ve come to realize that the selection is endless, so chances are pretty slim that you and your girlfriend are going to sport the same Lulu’s skinny jeans. Furthermore, I’ve learned that Lulu’s carries the absolute best brand names for less!
So why not shop Lulu’s this summer to keep your wardrobe sizzling hot? Below, I’ve featured six of the latest T-Shirt styles that flatter every body type! Let me know what you think about these latest styles! Are you planning on trying them out?
Jessica Pawlarczyk

Yellow Blouse : Try out a tiered top in a bright sunny color. Be sure to wear a structured bottom with this flowy of a top though—you want to show off your shape. Buy it now!
Grey Girl Power Tee :Rock a cut-off tee like this one. You’ll instantly feel like a rocker chick. Buy it now!
Tie-Dye Crop-Top: Experiment with a crop-top this summer. If you’re a bit weary of showing off your belly, wear high-waisted pants to cover up. Buy it now!
Black Cut-Out: Cut-outs are all of the rage this summer. Show some skin by wearing a shirt like this one! Buy it now!
Floral Collared Blouse: Show off your sweet side with a floral blouse. Buy it now!
Cream Blouse: Structured collar shirt are definitely in style right now! Make yours unique with a colored collar that will stand out. Buy it now!

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