12 Female Heroes Who Deserve Their Own Movie! [Dude's List]

The Dark Knight Rises is out. What happened in Aurora was a tragedy that took the lives of a dozen people but cannot corrode a simple truth: One act of one man cannot erase the achievements of many. The film stands as an incredible conclusion to the greatest trilogy in the history of comic book movies. Not only did Nolan defy the unofficial laws of movie logic and create a third chapter that wasn’t an epic fail in comparison with its prior installments but Nolan broke his own streak of weak, unnecessary, and underdeveloped female characters. The evidence: Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman. Finally, a female hero who is the equal of her male counterparts, is as complex emotionally and ethically, as well as manages to satisfy longtime comics fans while making her interpretation her own. Now, it’s time for Hollywood to break its self-imposed exile on female driven superhero films.
Superhero movies are peaking critically and financially like never before, but it seems that since the likes of Catwoman and Elektra the fierce females have been relegated to the status of “supporting character” (see the X-Men films and Black Widow’s appearances in the first phase of Marvel features for evidence). No solo films. Just a member of teams like the X-Men or The Avengers. Well, damn it, if this is the season superheroes further ascend into the elite echelon of filmmaking, it’s time the ladies got the representation they deserve! Here are 12 superheroines that could be multi-billion dollar franchises (taking into account cost of ticket increase over the next 10 years).

There are lots of honorable mentions that didn’t get a spot on this list. Batwoman. Spider-Woman. Storm. Rogue. Taylor Hack. Gotham Girls. Unfortunately, they will have to wait for the sequel. But sound off below, which heroine do you want to say carry a summer movie season?
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