Babes Who Brunch [CC Lookbook]

There are a l0t of things I love about the weekend. Hanging out with friends. Sleeping in. Putting off homework. But probably one of my favorite things about the weekend is Sunday brunch. I love brunch. I know it’s a made-up meal but it’s still my favorite meal of the week. Because I get to have breakfast and sleep until noon. In my mind, that’s perfection. But of course no brunch, or any meal for that matter, is complete without the perfect outfit. Below, I’ve offered up a few tips, and put together a few of my my favorite outfits to wear to a relaxing Sunday brunch filled with girl talk, gossip, and mimosas.
Keep it Light & Airy
This is not the time to pull out the super skinny jeans (that would definitely interfere with eating three servings of waffles) or the studded top or even the blazer. Brunch is about keeping it casual and keeping it roomy. You’ll want to feel just as comfortable as you felt in your pajamas….without actually being in your pajamas. So try a loose fitting maxi dress or a comfy pair of slouchy shorts instead of the bondage skirt you wore the night before.
Oversized Always Works
The meal that combines breakfast and lunch is all about breaking the rules. So yes, you can wear boyfriend jeans. And an oversized cardigan. Brunch is all about feeling cute and comfy while you sip on a Bloody Mary and gossip about the latest scandals and secrets. And really, what’s more comfortable that then throwing on somethings soft and snuggly with lots of extra fabric?
Don’t Forget to Accessorize 
To add that extra touch of glam to your outfit, utilize your accessories. A cute scarf, a big pair of sunglasses, and a casual carryall will complete your look without making your look like you’re trying too hard. Also? Don’t forget to wear comfy shoes for after brunch window shopping.
What About You?
Now its your turn. What would you wear to brunch? Do any of these outfits work for you? Or do you prefer an alternative look? And most importantly, what’s your favorite brunch item? Mine is stuffed french toast. Delish!

Jenn is a communications grad student and a social media fanatic who spends her free time reading, writing, watching too much tv and shopping for shoes she can’t afford. At least that’s what her Twitter bio says. Follow her @jenninzetta
[Lead image via Patrizia Tilly/Shutterstock]

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