Plan an Awesome Road Trip With Roadtrippers [Web Spy]

It’s already August, but don’t worry if you haven’t done everything you wanted to this summer yet — there’s still a few more weeks of summer vacation left!

If you wanted to take a trip but hadn’t been able to, either due to time constraints of a job or lack of the necessary funds to fly somewhere exotic, why not take a road trip? Even if you only have a day to spare, chances are you live within a few hours’ distance of something worth driving to!

To plan your trip, head over to Roadtrippers. This awesome site has everything you need to figure out where you’ll go, how you’ll get there, where you’ll stop along the way, and how long it will take you.

Get started by putting in your starting location and final destination into the trip planner, and Roadtrippers will plot out the route on a Google Map. If you know of somewhere you’ll stop along the way, you can add in “waypoints,” and Roadtrippers will give you directions to those destinations as well. The site also gives you the distance of your trip, as well as the estimated time and cost of fuel.

But that’s just the beginning.

One of the coolest things about Roadtrippers is that you can search for places to stop along the way — from the usual restaurants and hotels to local attractions for entertainment, sports, shopping, nature and history! So for example, you can be sure not to miss the Route 66 Museum when you’re driving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas!

Sign in to the site to save your trip, add additional waypoints, and even create a “bucket list” of places you want to visit or of awesome places you don’t think anyone should miss.

So what are you waiting for? Get road tripping!

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