10 Tips for Becoming Ryan Lochte's Girlfriend

Olympic athletes automatically become role models or special, super-talented types of celebrities in the eyes of us commoners.  They have SO much dedication, so much perseverance, so much spirit.  They dedicate their lives to the sport of their choice and, while doing so, give up so much (just take Ryan here for example).  It’s easy to see why we place them on pedestals and Olympic podiums.
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It’s important to note, some Olympic athletes have more than just an incredible drive.   They have incredible looks.  Enter: Ryan Lochte…oh swoon.  He is just gorgeous.  Unfortunately, though, according to his mother, he only has time for “one-night stands”.  What a serious shame.  But luckily, after doing a little bit of research, I have discovered 10 tips that are sure to win you more than just one glorious night with him, 10 tips that will win you his heart.

[Lead image via poponthepop.com]

Olympians Looking Hilarious!
Olympians Looking Hilarious!
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