CollegeCandy’s Ultimate Lip Gloss Review


For me, shopping for make-up, window shopping for make-up, and online shopping for make-up is probably a weekly activity. My recent obsession, and by recent I mean for the past five years, has been making my lips look and feel incredible. Throwing on lipstick when I’m not wearing any other make up is a surefire way to make me feel beautiful, even if I feel like shit.

This knowledge I’ve gained in the past few years is vital to the female community! So, I’ve put together a list of the best products out there, and, just so I can keep you ladies informed, the worst possible lip product on the market right now (I need to save you!). Some of them have drawbacks and some are perfect, but all are worthy of being on this list. It ranges from balms to glosses and stains to sticks, but they all exist to serve the same higher goal: making your lips feel and look great!

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