Heidi Montag Reflects On Her Plastic Surgery

So I am by no means against plastic surgery.  Would I get it?  No, not unless it was completely necessary, but to each its own.  That said, there is one thing I am extremely against though, and that is people who get like ten surgeries done in one sitting, people who are clearly so superficial that they feel the need to change their entire appearance based solely on wanting to be more attractive, people like…Heidi Montag.  She cried because her mom hated how she looked; HELLO HEIDI, everyone hated how you looked, aside from maybe porn directors.
She solidified her bimbo status when she stayed with Spencer and went so far downhill afterwards.  I really am such a lover, I promise.  I love couples IN love, happy people, content people, people who genuinely care about each other and make each other better.  But these were not happy people, these were people who really just wanted attention and who would hurt and manipulate anyone to get that, and those are not people I support.
But anyway, she’s back.  Heidi Montag speaks out again.  And what does she have to say?  Click here to find out.
[Lead image via gossip.whyfame.com]

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