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Olympic Divers Were Caught Naked on TV


I think most people can find at least one event they enjoy watching in the Olympics.  Personally, I like gymnastics, but I also think diving is pretty incredible, especially the synchronized diving.  Wow, to be able to time your twists and twirls in perfect sequence with the person next to you…it’s pretty incredible!

But I bet there’s one thing you didn’t notice during the diving competitions.  No, there wasn’t a misstep in the way they had to start at the exact same moment, bounce at the exact same second or land at the exact same time. It wasn’t a wardrobe malfunction, per-se, or an Olympic Village gossip-slip.  No, it was actually something a little more bizarre.

Not quite sure what I’m referring to, hey for those less-mature, it may even make you giggle.  (I kind of giggled, oops).  I’m talking about how these divers looked like they altogether forgot to wear their Speedos.  Click here to see the proof caught on camera!

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