Have You Had These #ThoughtsDuringSchool? [Tuesday Twitter Trend]

I know this is probably the last thing some of you want to hear and the best news for others of you, but summer is slowly coming to an end. Autumn is around the corner, and you know what means (if you don’t, turn on the TV and just watch at least ONE commercial) — Back to School season is in full swing!!

While I do have to admit the prospect of work and a lack of relaxation time is somewhat of a bummer, I must say weekends in college are definitely more exciting.

So anyway, before I get too far along in my rant, this week’s Twitter Trend seems to be reading our minds. Literally. Well, enjoy these people’s thoughts because soon they’ll be our #ThoughtsDuringSchool. ┬áTear, tear.

[Lead image via auremar/Shutterstock]

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