Mustaches for Better Health [Sex in the News]

Dear ladies (myself included), it’s time to stop complaining about the fuzzy caterpillars our boyfriends, guy friends and other males in our lives are trying to grow. Turns out they have a function other than showing off your hipster status.

In the latest issue of Radiation Protection Dosimetry (a journal focusing on radiation absorption) researchers shared that facial hair provides protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Depending on the angle of the sun and the length of facial hair, exposure ratios can be reduced by as much as one-third. Longer hair does protect you more, but, bearers of big beards should note that when sunlight is aimed directly at said beard the protection is reduced.

So ladies, if the men in your life try to ditch the razor in the name of sun protection, it might be wise to let them. That, or, buy them a bottle of SPF 60 to go with their shaving cream.

[Lead image via Serg Zastavkin/Shutterstock]

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