5 Reasons You're Going To Love "Gallery Girls"

I’ll admit it. I was pretty skeptical of Bravo’s newest reality confection, Gallery Girls. Although I do love a good Real Housewife or two, it’s not exactly life-changing television. But Gallery Girls surprised me, after watching the pilot and fourth episode. The show follows seven girls, all trying to make their own way through the NYC art world. Some want to be photographers, others art sellers and some just aren’t quite sure. Sound familiar?
So here’s why you’re going to love it. Or at least why you have to catch the pilot, airing August 13 at 10PM ET/PT, and decide for yourself.

Gallery Girls at its heart tells a story any college girl can connect with. Although it’s about girls in the art world, these young women could be in anything from medicine to fashion and still tell the same tale. The newly termed “quarter-life crisis” is very real and very hardTo see the Gallery Girls for yourself, check out the trailer!

Ariana Romero is a student at Syracuse University. Which would probably explain why she once had a load of laundry filled solely  with orange tee shirts.Follow her on Twitter @ArianaRomero17 or read Ariana’s Hollywood ramblings at her blog.


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