CollegeCandy Talks Life With Asher Monroe [CC Exclusive]

Ladies of CollegeCandy, I am a lucky girl. I just got to interview the incredibly talented (and cute) Asher Monroe. This guy is a Youtube sensation, but he also starred in the MGM remake of Fame, and he had a recurring role on “Parenthood.” Now, this fine gentleman is working wholly on his music career – and he’s yielding fabulous results. We caught up about what makes a great song, college, and, of course, love! He’s a sweetheart.
Asher: I’m all yours for the next 20 minutes!
CC: Lucky me! I know that you started acting and singing when you were seven. When did you realize that was something you wanted to make a career out of?
Asher: I would have to say that age. At 5 or 6 years old, how do you know what you want to do with the rest of your life? I was taking piano lessons and voice lessons just ’cause I enjoyed it. I liked singing in the house, and my mom was always like, “Asher stop whistling.” I was always whistling around the house. From that early age I knew some type of music was kind of my destiny. Still, getting a huge  part like that when I was seven years old and touring the country for two years as I did, that was definitely an opening experience. Me and my mom, when I first took the role of chip, I thought “Well Mom, I don’t know if I’ll do something after this, and this is kind of a lucky break for me. Lets just go as long as we can ’cause who knows what might come after this. I might just go back to being a normal kid.” But lo and behold it was awesome. I started booking a lot of roles after that, and it just sort of happened organically.
CC: I’ve been listening to your music, and I was wondering what the inspiration for “Every Night” is, because its a beautiful track and the emotion in your voice is electric.
Asher: Thank you! Um, it’s crazy. Everyone always asks the question, “How do you write a song? What’s the process?” I guess for me it’s always different. I was humming a song yesterday, and I was thinking about how many memos I have. I have a great app that records an idea, and I have THOUSANDS of ideas on there. It takes me forever to go through them.
CC: That’s really cool! Every time you have a random idea you speak it into this app?
Asher: It’s a moden day writing tool, I guess! I’m always thinking of new things, new ideas, new sounds, so it’s great for me to put them down and then go back to it and refresh my memory. But honestly everything just comes from a different part of my life. I just kind of try to pull from true life and real experiences that I’m having now. Every song is completely different and comes from a new place. I never like to be tied down to one type of style. I’ll start writing a song, and I’ll have no idea where it came from.
CC: What’s it like being in the spotlight? Do you get recognized constantly by fans?
Asher: You know, it’s fun! Obviously, over the years I’ve accumulated more fans and with all the things I’ve done, you know, you always are gaining new fans every day. Even today just with putting my music on the internet, I see the traction that it’s getting and it’s great. I love the devotion. I give a lot of credit to the social media platforms that we have now-a-days. Before two years ago, I was like, “Eh, whats twitter?” I wouldn’t use it. But I see it as such a tool to connect with fans and communicate with them so directly. Tell them where you’re doing shows and let them know what you’re doing– just kind of daily life stuff. The fans that have been coming in, some are so hardcore and it’s awesome! It’s amazing to have people out there who love your music so much.
CC: What has your most noteworthy experience been with a fan?
Asher: A noteworthy experience. Oh gosh. A lot of fans come up or say something that they’ve wanted to say for the last two years, and now they’ll get to say it when they meet me in person, but I don’t know. This one time  this girl tatted a number that I liked. I just thought, “That’s true dedication to tat a number on your shoulder.”
CC: Wow, it really is. That does not come off.
Asher: Yeah that’s a permanent mark. That would have to be, well I would never forget that.
CC: How do you feel about your life becoming even more in the spotlight as success continues?
Asher: I don’t ever see it as a moment when everything is going to change. It’s just one of those things that is just a daily routine. For me, music is just something that I love and that I get to do, so the spotlight thing is something that just comes with it. It’s just a step towards, what I see, as people recognizing the talent that I have. So, its just trying to get all the hard work and hours that I put into my music and getting more people to find out about it. So, if people can keep coming up to me saying, “I love your songs,” that’s just more inspiration for me to write more music.  I see it as just coming with the territory and if a celebrity says, “Oh I hate having my picture taken” or that kind of thing,  I don’t understand how you can go in the entertainment business and not know that people might want to actually take a picture with you. I think that’s kind of the fun part.
CC: So our readers want to know, have you ever been in love and has that influenced your music?
Asher: Have a ever been in love [laughs] Yes, I think – yes, I’ve been in love. I think that’s one of the things that helps with music, having a real emotion to pull from always makes the music more real. So, having those type of things in life definitely help in terms of, at least what I’m doing in my career.
CC: So what song would you use to serenade the lucky lady in your life?
Asher: I think a lot of my songs are somewhat romantic, so I would say, um, there’s actually a few songs I haven’t released yet that are more like that. I, uh, that’s a hard question. Okay, there’s one song that’s called “Make it Alright” and I never released it, but it’s a song that I definitely think that would make a girl feel something. They’d think, “Oh, I wish a guy could sing that to me.”
CC: Was that written about someone in particular?
Asher: Yes, it is.
CC: Okay, we won’t push it! What’s your favorite thing to do to unwind at the end of a long day?
Asher: I love getting outside. I do like to be in the sun. I came back from Europe, and I’m like 10 shades darker. I liked to be in the water pretty much every day. So just going outside and playing basketball or going to see a movie. Just something to relax to and not think. I think anything to just shut your mind off for a bit. Just to unwind.
CC: What’s your favorite sport?
Asher: My favorite sport? I love basketball. I played a lot of sports growing up. I love tackle football! I’m kind of down for whatever. I’m a pretty athletic guy.
CC: What’s your favorite memory from college?
Asher: The friendships I made. I made a lot of great friendships, and it was a great time to leave my mom’s house. And it was definitely a time to grow up. I loved college. For the small time I went, it was fun.
CC: What would you put on your bucket list before leaving your 20s?
Asher: I’d love to be headlining my own tour. I’d love to have my song at number one, and I’d love to win a Grammy before I am 30. There’s a few things.
CC: The last question I have for you: on your twitter and your Facebook you say, “Live the good life.” What does that mean to you?
Asher: That’s funny! No one’s asked me that. For me, sometimes people take things really seriously. So whether it’s your career or something else, work as hard as you can but enjoy the things you often forget. I know it sounds cliche, but look at the beauty around it, look at all the things we take for granted. I know a lot of times things get rough, and I’m going to work as hard as I can, but I’m going to find time to play too.
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