How To: Write a Resume

Alright soon-to-be seniors, it’s that time! You’ve put in a good solid four years of studying, drinking, hangovers and hookups. Now it’s time to get serious and be an adult. Well maybe not entirely, but getting a job is definitely the first thing you will need to do to pay off your college loans or the debt you’ve incurred from all those late nights of drinking. The key to getting a job? Having a killer resume. The truth is you’re going to be competing with every graduate out there, the unemployed, and the experienced and your resume example is what represents you. So you better make it good! Here’s a list of “to dos” that will make you stand out in the pile.
1. Your first line should tell the employer about yourself.  For example: “Resourceful forward-thinker and music lover, who is a team player and loves a challenge.”
2. Keep your Summary of Skills short and concise. Watch out for repetition and be honest. Think about you’re really good at. Are you a great multi-tasker? Are you a fast learner?
3. List your internships first and your education last. In the real world of corporate America your experience matters most!
4. List your technical skills at the bottom. Using Microsoft Word and Excel is not a skill that employers will be impressed by. They expect it.
5. Use action words like “Created,” “Produced,” “Collaborated.” Avoid using generalities. Use specifics.
6. Formatting is SO important. Make sure things line up, your font is the same, and keep it to a page.  No one will read a resume that’s longer than a page.
7. List Extra Curricular activities, achievements, and fun facts. It says a lot about who you are. Did you maybe win first place in a golf tournament?  Can you speak French? Are you a champion juggler?
8. Last and certainly not least MAKE SURE YOU DON’T HAVE TYPOS! This is a common mistake and employers absolutely hate it!
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