McKayla Maroney Teaches Jenna Bush How to Dougie [Video]

Typically, politicians seem to circulate in their own world.  I mean, yeah, every now and then, we see them hanging out with the celebs or posing for the paparazzi, but they’ve got some other priorities as well.

But their children?  Now, they’re a different story!  Looks like ex-president Bush’s daughter, Jenna, had some time to hang with the gifted.  But I’m not talking about actors or musicians, I’m talking about those Olympic gymnasts. Specifically the much talked-about McKayla Maroney.

No, no, she’s not flipping on the mats or swinging from the bars.  Jenna Bush is doing the DOUGIE! That’s right, she’s jamming out with some girls from the U.S. gymnastics team.  Hey, not too shabby.

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