Why Think Pink When You Can Think Mint? [Budget Stylista]

Move over pink! It’s time for the new summer hue to take center stage- mint! Mint may seem like old news, but as the hot summer days transition into fall, the popular color is making a major comeback!
Incredibly versatile, a mint hue is easy to work into any wardrobe! Just buy a statement dress or pair of jeans (like the ones below), and pair it with neutrals that are already hanging in your closet! As you can see, black, cream, and rose pink are three colors that complement mint perfectly!

Want to save some moola? Instead of buying a more expensive statement piece, consider buying a piece of mint jewelry instead! A pair of mint chandelier earrings are a great way to instantly update any outfit!
As always, happy shopping and good luck incorporating this new hue into your wardrobe!
Jessica Pawlarczyk

Tea Dress: Modcloth.com

Gladiator Sandals: Riverisland.com

Leather Bag: Asos.com

Ring: Bijou-Brigitte.com

Bracelet: Brandymelville.com

Black Button-Down: hm.com

Skinny Leg Pants: charlotterusse.com

Leather Loafers: modcloth.com

Earrings: modcloth.com

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