'Ask A Naked Guy' About Your Hair Down There [Candy Dish]

The hair down there is never a fun topic, but somehow gurl.com manages to make it hilarious and awesome. They sat down with a naked guy to discuss the wonders of pubic hair. Personally, I hate all hair except for the hair on my head, but you might be surprised at the naked gentleman’s reaction to heavy bush, vajazzle-ing, brazillians, and bikini waxes. I’ll tell you right now, it’s very informative, and it might’ve changed my life.

In Other News…

Which sexy sexy man was cast to play Gloss in “Catching Fire?” Oh wow are we excited for this.

Oh no KStew! Honestly, at this point I just feel really bad for all the negativity being given to her. Especially now!

Social media is changing the face of the world. The newest development: how to give yourself a social media makeover so you can appeal to possible employers.

‘Lawless’ is looking more amazing at every moment!

Our favorite ‘Friends’ fashionista’s style is now available for the masses. SCORE.

Jessica Biel dishes on being engaged to JT! She really is so adorable…

AH! Which gorgeous couple is being whisked away to get married this weekend? In France? We’ll give you three guesses…the first two don’t count.

Now that the Olympics are in full swing in London, equestrian style is back in action!

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