No Bread, No Pasta… Uh, No Problem? Monthly Challenge, Week #2


I can’t believe that I’ve made it to week two already! I’m not trying to toot my own taco here, but all in all I’ve been doing better than expected. Here’s what I’ve learned so far: If getting a sandwich for lunch is an option, telling yourself “no” will be a constant struggle. However, ever since deciding that eating bread and pasta is a definite no-no, I won’t give these foods that much thought. Make sense?

I’ve made this whole challenge sound pretty easy now, huh? The fact is that I’ve cheated last night. It happened in the comfort of my own room, and I wasn’t even intoxicated. I was just chilling on my bed, watching an episode of Modern Family in my PJs, when my roommate suddenly knocked on my door and handed me an ice cream cone. Who does that? Come on! You can’t decline an offer of this nature. So I ate the vanilla ice cream, including the cone. Afterwards I felt bad about myself and ended up in a pretty intense spiral of shame.

Anyway, the month is far from over! Despite of my little ice cream accident, I feel like I’m adjusting well to my new diet, and that it could definitely work for me long term. I just have to learn to say “no” to forbidden foods, even when offered to me as gifts.