8 Signs He's Cheating

It’s never really something you want to focus on or believe, but it happens.  It’s hurtful, it’s awful, it’s mean.  What am I talking about?  Cheating.  It’s one of the most terrible things someone can do to someone else.  It’s sneaky, heartless, and for me, a major deal breaker.  I don’t think that anyone should ever have to go through it, but that’s just not realistic.
So many websites and magazines and books prep us with tips on how to tell if we’re being cheated on, but a lot of those ideas are just very very far-fetched, they’re the type of things that really only happen in movies.
Due to that, for those women feeling insecure and anxious about their partner cheating, I’ve drafted my own list to hopefully help either give them peace of mind or a reason to walk out the door for good…

Remember ladies, these are just small hints.  They do NOT automatically mean your guy is cheating!

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