You Know You're Ready For Adulthood When…

There comes a point where we’re all told we can no longer play the children’s game anymore…wait, I didn’t write that, Aaron Sorkin did! Damn it I did it again. Okay, second chance: There comes a point where you can call yourself an adult. And the confirmation doesn’t necessarily come at a Church but potentially in a dorm room, a first apartment, or even outside of a bar. The moment you realize it will perhaps happen long after you’ve made the transition. But you’ll look back and see the writing was on the wall. Here are some of the clues you missed…
Things your parents did start making sense: 
You always thought they were crazy for getting up at 7am to put on a kettle and then going back to bed only to wake up 10-20 minutes later. Now you realize, it takes multiple alarms and the threat of burning down your kitchen (slight exaggeration) to get you out of bed in the morning.
You do laundry once a week:
You’re on the path of independence! When the smell of your dirty socks disgusts you, and you can’t wear your underwear more than twice, you know you’re leaving childhood behind.
The term “business casual” no longer correlates to club wear:
You start saving your receipts:
Saving is a sign of maturity. It’s also the number one thing young people seem to suck at today. But hey, we’ve got time, it’s not like social security is going to run out anytime-oh, sorry, never mind…
You’re willing to be a tucker:
According to Captain Awesome’s Life Tips, there are two kinds of people in the world: those who tuck and those who don’t. It’s not always the most natural thing to do, tucking in your shirt and leaving it there. But like scotch or “Downton Abbey,” it’s an acquired taste.
You start caring about who is going to be the next President:
Please not Mitt!
You realize you’re not the center of the universe:
Hey, guess what, you’ve got perspective! Congratulations, you’re all set to being a member of a community bigger than you, yourself, and…shoot, what’s the 2nd tense for “I”?
You can part with your Tardis bedspread:
The Fall of the Eleventh indeed…
You let go of believing you’ll get a letter to attend Hogwarts:
It’s over, there’s no more films, no more books, IT’S OVER. Just read the damn “Hunger Games” and move on.
You plan for the hangover:
You’re a grown up. Period. This is your final exam.
You accept that your life’s dreams may take a lifetime to achieve:
This may sound sadder than it is. Really it means that you come to terms with the fact that the journey’s the most important thing, and instant gratification doesn’t equal maximum satisfaction.
Do some creative math with all of these signs and you’ll see, you’re ready to call yourself an adult…Even if you’re still hesitant to take yourself off of your parents’ taxes as a dependent. But no, seriously, did I miss any? What do you think are signs that you’re ready for adulthood?
I’m a Toys R’ Us kid,
The Dude
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