13 Things Guys Shouldn’t Say To Girls [Dude’s List]


There are things we all know are just “no-no’s” when it comes to how we talk to others. Sensitive subjects, touchy topics, and last nerves, all things we should have the good common sense to avoid bringing up. Of course, some are more obvious and generalized while others are very specific, a case by case basis if you will. And yet…some people just don’t effin know when to remove their foot from their freaking mouth! This week’s Dude’s List is going to feature 13 of those dumbass comments and questions that no guy should ever say to a girl…

And so it went. A few might have been a bit on the obvious side and some might have been a bit more obscure, but they all boil down to the same thing: These things must never be uttered by any man to any woman under any circumstances. Did I miss some? What are some of the most dumbass things a guy’s ever said to you? Vent away in the comments below…

Stay sonic, stay strong!

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