Packing Light for a Weekend Getaway [CC Lookbook]

Happy August ladies! August is probably my favorite month of summer. And I know that seems weird, because it’s actually the end of summer, but I feel like it makes me appreciate it more. Everything is sort of winding down in August, but also pushing ahead, and there are these weird gap periods that make it the perfect time for weekends away and last minute trips.
And that is actually what I want to talk about today in this post. Weekends away are a great, if not short, escape from reality. But packing for them, without overpacking can sometimes be a little stressful. Luckily for you, I’ll pulled together a style guide to help you out.
Keep it Simple
When packing for a weekend away its best to keep it classic. Not only does it look effortlessly chic, but it really does make things effortless. (Or at least easier.) Denim. Cotton Tanks. Cardigans. Flats. Wedges. Your favorite day dress. A cute tote. And maybe a swimsuit if you’ll be hitting the beach or the pool. That’s all you need to spend a few days relaxing with your family and friends while still looking stylish.
Reuse and Recycle 
To pack light light, choose pieces that you can wear during the day and at night. A pair of skinny jeans (denim or colored) can go from shopping to clubbing with the right pair of shoes. Throw a cardigan over your jeans and tank top and its suddenly fit for cooler temperatures. Get creative. No one cares if you wear the shorts to the beach and the boardwalk!
Mix and Match
If you want your pieces to pull double duty they have to compliment each other. That doesn’t mean they all need to be neutrals, but a black or white t-shirt never hurt anyone either. Stick to pieces in the same color family, and look for accessories that will bring the outfit together, like a bright, multi-colored scarf or statement jewelry.
What About You?
Now its your turn. What do you pack for a weekend away? Do you mix and match colors and patterns or go with neutrals to make it a little easier? Do you tend to overpack or underpack? And mostly importantly, where are you headed on vacation this month?

Jenn is a communications grad student and a social media fanatic who spends her free time reading, writing, watching too much tv and shopping for shoes she can’t afford. At least that’s what her Twitter bio says. Follow her @jenninzetta.

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