BECCA Balearic Love Palette [In Our Makeup Bag]

What It Is:
BECCA Balearic Love Palette
Why This Should Be in Your Bag:
BECCA’s Summer collection is a steamy affair known as Balearic Love. It’s named for Spanish islands and the promo photos ooze with sensuality and summertime heat. Their eye palettes are often the centerpiece of the collection and offer a great way to try out BECCA’s eyeshadow formula.

Balearic Love’s palette consists of “jeweled tones of bronzed plum and violet” in three shadows: Atlas, Romal and Marcella. I’m a huge fan of neutrals and purples, so I couldn’t wait to test out this little beauty. They all come housed in matte plastic, with an included mirror and mini brush for easy portability.

How To Use It:
This palette doesn’t come with a suggested look, but I prefer that. Sometimes, brands are very close-minded about the recommendations they make for use of a particular product or palette, and when you’re without those, you have to use your imagination!

(Atlas, Romal, Marcella)

CC Rating: B

Overall, the BECCA Balearic Love palette is a nice mix of darker neutrals that are buttery smooth. All three shades applied really well, although they were a bit less intense than I expected. I also really liked the portability of this kit; the palette is super slim and includes a mini brush that actually applies the shadows decently. I have really long days at school and sometimes need to touch-up my shadow, so the BECCA Balearic Love palette was perfect for that!
However, I do have a few issues with this palette. Firstly, all three shades are identified as “demi matte” in finish, but Marcella is clearly shimmery. It’s not a huge issue, but it still confused me. Secondly, I would have loved for BECCA to replace Atlas with a light, shimmery neutral (pink, peach or beige) for a lid shade. I feel like Atlas was way too dark for a lid shade, but worked nicely in the crease, and I had to supplement with another base shadow to create a full look. That being said, my color preference is just personal opinion; if you have a darker or warmer skintone than me, you may love the color combo!
If you’re looking for a smokey, summer eye, the shades in this palette may be right up your alley! The BECCA Balearic Love Palette is available for $45 from their website.
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