Gonorrhea is Almost Untreatable [Sex in the News]

Attention people having sex. For the love of all things healthy, please use condoms.
In case you ladies are on the pill and are only concerned about getting pregnant, stop what you’re doing and head to your nearest drug store, sexual health center or RAs room to pick up some rubbers, especially if you are having sex with multiple partners (or if the person you are having sex with is having sex with multiple partners). Really, just go get some.
Gonorrhea (nicknamed The Clap) is only one antibiotic away from becoming untreatable. Yep, all the previous treatments are no longer responding. It’s developed an antimicrobial resistance. Only injections of the antibiotic ceftriaxone (followed by oral doses of zithromycin or doxycyclin) is currently working, and it’s “only a matter of time” until it becomes completely resistant to treatment.
So what does that mean for all you smart college ladies out there? Time to up your condom use, reeducate yourself on how to properly use them, and keep up with your STI testing. And when in doubt (like a dude trying to push not using a condom, or being shady about his sexual history) abstinence is the best option.

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