Heidi Montag from 2006-2012: The Scariest Transformation Ever [Photos]


Do you remember a little show called The Hills? It stared Lauren Conrad, Whitney Port, Audrina Patridge and…Heidi Montag. Heidi is now famous for being married to Spencer Pratt and looking like a Wax Museum copy of herself. It’s actually kind of sad. No one probably remembers this, but she was really cute at the beginning of the show! Heidi looked like an all-America surfer chick, someone any guy would be happy to bring home to mom. Then she became “addicted” to plastic surgery and it all went down hill (or to a size DDD) from there.

Mrs. Pratt’s transformation is actually shocking. While putting this together I though “Wow, she looked pretty great in ’08!” then by 2011 I was wondering just how structurally sound she actually is. Take a look for yourself! Maybe the time you joke about Botox or a boob job, you’ll think twice.

Ariana Romero is a student at Syracuse University. Which would probably explain why she once had a load of laundry filled solely  with orange tee shirts. Follow her on Twitter @ArianaRomero17 or read her Hollywood ramblings at her blog.

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