My Summer in Polaroids

Summer is my favorite time of year– it offers a wealth of travel opportunity and an abundance of sunshine. Though I live and work full time in New York City, this summer I’ve been to Texas, LA, Vegas, Boston and Chicago! Instead of doing one huge trip, I decided that this year I would do a series of long weekends away.  I don’t know how many times a friend has asked me to pack her in my suitcase! And while it’s impossible to travel with all of your best friends all of the time, technology has made it really easy to share experiences in real time. Almost any smartphone can instantly upload a photo to Facebook or Instagram, but I’m particularly fond of my Apict app that uploads photos in a Polaroid frame. This is probably because I’m obsessed with all things vintage! And you can write really cute captions that show up in handwritten sharpie. #adorable
Though I uploaded and sent friends an excessive amount of photos, I’ve selected a handful that really represent my summer across the nation. All of you lucky Windows Phone users need to get this app immediately! But check out my photos and decide for yourself:

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