Kristen Stewart Fired for Cheating – WTF?!

News dropped yesterday that Kristen Stewart has been FIRED from the ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ sequel – not for being a bad actress, or as some kind of negotiated decision – but for having an affair with her married director. That sucks on its own; but what’s even worse? The fact that Rupert Sanders, the other half of this cheating scandal, WILL allegedly be returning to direct the next movie.

The sequel concept has been completely changed to¬†accommodate¬†a lack of K-stew – rather than a Snow White follow-up, the movie will focus on the Huntsman, an angle that was meant to be the third movie of the franchise rather than the second. Fair enough, if the awkwardness of Kristen working with Rupert was too much, it would have made complete sense for them to quit, and for the sequels to either not get made or continue without both people. But there are two serious issues here: 1. Apparently, Kristen didn’t quit, she was fired, and 2. Only Kristen is being kicked off the sequel, not Rupert.

Firstly, the very idea that Kristen is being fired for having an affair is pretty absurd. Look at the morals of Hollywood. Actors do drugs and make sex tapes and still get hired. Chris Brown beat up Rihanna (sorry, I’m still not over that), and is still making money. Clearly there’s a precedent set that the personal lives of celebrities doesn’t affect their careers. If Kristen could continue to act in a professional way, despite serious personal embarrassment, why shouldn’t she be allowed to play Snow White again? Even Sophia Bush has stated her outrage at the news, tweeting “When men cheat they don’t lose their jobs. #FuckedUp”

Plus, if we want to get petty about it, if one person is going to get fired, shouldn’t it be Rupert? Kristen Stewart is the face of the film, whereas directors get replaced pretty easily. Just look at ‘Twilight’, they hired a new director for the second movie, and it still did incredibly well. Not to undermine the importance of directors, but it’s a whole lot more obvious when you replace or dismiss the lead actress of a movie than someone behind the scenes. Plus Rupert is the guy with the wife and kids! Yes, both people cheated, but if we’re keeping count, Rupert’s indiscretions seem a lot worse.

But my main issue is not that Kristen got fired instead of Rupert. It’s the fact that when the female half of a cheating couple gets the boot, the male half doesn’t. If Universal have decided that cheating equals not working, why isn’t Rupert gone too? It just seems like yet again, the woman is the ‘evil other woman’, while the guy is just some innocent fool whose been led astray by K-Stew’s sex appeal. It’s completely unfair, playing into that ongoing idea that guys just can’t help cheating, whereas a cheating woman is heartless, cruel and a slut.

I’ll be honest, I’m not a big Kristen Stewart fan. I also really, really hate cheaters, I think it’s one of the most hurtful things a person can do. But the fact that she’s been prevented from doing a job because she had an affair, and the guy involved hasn’t, is really ridiculous. I guess it just shows that Hollywood is still a male-dominated world – where a guy who cheats on his wife will get sympathy and a paycheck, while a girl who cheats on her boyfriend gets sacked.

What do you think of Kristen Stewart getting fired? Do you think it’s sexism at its best or just another PR stunt? Leave a comment below!

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