Make Your Dorm Room Look Like It Has An L.A. Ocean View [Candy Dish]

When it comes to decorating our college dorm rooms, I for one, am incredibly anal about what is going in my room, where it is going, how it smells, how my closet it set up…etc. The list really does go on. You can imagine my admiration (and envy) towards this girl. Not only is she wearing gorgeous vintage Chanel flats, but her room is majorly beautiful. I can’t even begin to explain my obsession with it. Only question: does she have a roommate?

In Other News…

Ah! This boy band is reuniting and you won’t believe where 🙂

Ever wonder how guys ACTUALLY feel about constantly paying for dates? The answer might surprise you. 

Finally, a list of the seven things you must know as an incoming freshman (as a rising junior this advice still helps me, too)

While I’m really sad that Alec Baldwin is now married, his wedding pics are super cute.

Brit Brit is a bitchy X-Factor judge? Wow Simon must be so proud.

Which colleges have the happiest students? Is your school on there?

Over at the CC office we enjoy making fun of American Idol contestants who’ve tried their hand at acting. Who are they? Check it.

Shark Week is the best of all weeks. Now we can have nails inspired by the institution.

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DIY Ombre Sun Hat [DIY with CC]
DIY Ombre Sun Hat [DIY with CC]
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