No Bread, No Pasta… Uh, No Problem? [One Month Challenge, Week #3]

Ladies, I’m still hanging in here! I doubt that I’ve ever been abstaining from pasta and bread for this long before. Sticking to this diet isn’t causing me too much trouble during the week. I get my usual cup of coffee in the morning but, instead of pairing it with a toasted multi-grain bagel (my all time favorite!), I grab a Greek yogurt topped with blueberries and almonds instead. For lunch I always get a chopped salad, which I try to mix up as much as possible topping-wise. One of my personal favorites would be a mixed greens salad paired with grilled chicken, blue cheese, beets, walnuts and raspberry vinaigrette. Delicious! By the time I get home from work I’m usually starving, so whatever I decide to cook for dinner has to be thrown together fast. I get pretty cranky when hungry. An omelet with mozzarella cheese, mushrooms and plum tomatoes has proven to be a good dinner solution. Literally won’t take up more than eight minutes of my time to prepare.
Sticking to salads and yogurts during the week is completely doable, but showing the same amount of determination in the weekends can be painful. My after-work routine usually consists of an hour-long work out session followed by a home cooked dinner in front of some silly Netflix movie. I prefer getting a little bit spontaneous during the weekends though, and I’m also a fan of partying. I won’t necessarily be craving pizza while I’m out drinking – honestly I’ll be more concerned about whether I should go with vodka or white wine. But let me tell you, the day after will be a struggle. How many times have you woken up on a Sunday morning with a pounding head ache, craving a fat-free yogurt? Thought so. My solution so far has been to eat an enormous Mexican salad or an omelet overloaded with cheese. Probably not the healthiest option, but hey, at least it’ll prevent me from cheating!
I passed on going out last weekend, so I managed to spare myself from the usual hangover cravings. Instead of bar hopping and chugging down cheap Chardonnay, I went to the movies with the intention of finally seeing The Dark Knight Rises. Somehow I ended up buying tickets for Step Up Revolution instead. Yeah, I do realize how ridiculous that sounds. Anyway, I wasn’t mentally strong enough to keep my hands off the popcorn. This little treat isn’t technically on my list of forbidden foods, but obviously the idea of this diet was not to replace bread and pasta with popcorn and candy. I clearly still have room to improve!

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