The 5 Best, Foolproof Conversation Starters

Modern dating

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Meeting the right kind of guy is tough. If you’re looking for a serious, long-term boyfriend, it’s unlikely that you’ll meet him out partying while completely wasted, but without alcohol, how the heck do you start up a conversation with your dream guy?! It can be really difficult to meet guys out in daylight, and even when you spot a gorgeous potential soulmate on the subway, if you don’t make a move ASAP the moment is gone before you know it! The main reason people don’t go for it with random guys they soberly spot is because they have no idea what to say. Here are 5 foolproof ways to start a conversation.

1. “Where are you from?”

Asking someone about their origins and their hometown is sure to get them talking. It might take some prompting, but asking what their hometown is like, how they feel about it and what there is to do there will lead you down a path of getting to know them better.

2. “What do you do?”

Hopefully, this question will evoke some passion and discussion from them in discussing their career. Ask about their goals and how they got there or how they decided which job was right for them. If they’re not as into their current career then ask what they’d like to be doing or what their professional goals would be in an ideal world.

3. “What’s your favorite place in ___?”

Asking someone about their favorite hangout spot in whichever city you’re currently in will not only help you get to know them better but it will also help you get to know new places in your city. If you’re in a vacation spot or your hometown, it might introduce you to hidden gems you may have never known. It’s a win/win, no matter where you are.

4. “What are your plans later?”

This is a question that combines function and fashion. You might be hoping that their evening plans include you or you might just want to hear about their hobbies and the places they like.

5. “Have you seen Stranger Things?”

If they have, then you’ve found a match, at least for the night. There’s plenty to discuss. If they have not, looks like you’ve got a show to recommend.

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