Your Move-In Weekend Wardrobe [CC Lookbook]

It’s that time of year again. College students all over are packing up and heading back to school for the fall, trading in their sandals and swimsuits for notebooks and new roommates. And while I’m sad to see the summer go, I also like to look on the bright side. In this case that means, reuniting with friends, regaining freedom and, most importantly, lots of new reasons to put together outfits!
For this post I went with a pretty basic scenario. Moving day. Sure, you want to be comfortable since you’ll moving boxes, putting together furniture and unpacking, but that doesn’t mean you how to sacrifice your style. Here’s how!
Show Off Your Personality
A new year means new faces! And what better way to greet those faces than with a look that best represents you. Fun prints and graphic tees are comfortable enough to wear while moving boxes, but cute and quirky enough to show off your style. On-trend items like bright colored shorts will also do the trick. Look for stuff that is versatile and has style.
Don’t Over-Complicate Things
Move in weekend is crazy enough without adding in overcomplicated outfits. So keep you look simple. It should be quick to throw on, easy to move in, and super comfy. This is the time to pull our your favorite college t-shirt, your comfiest pair of cut-offs, or even your super stretchy leggings. Pair them with a few basics and you’re good to go.
Flats Are Your Friend
Whether you prefer sneakers or sandals does not matter. What does matter is that these are shoes you can walk in. They should be flat and comfortable. Keds, flip flops or flats would all be appropriate. Trust me, I don’t say that lightly. But moving furniture is serious business.
What about you?
Do you have a go-to outfit for moving day, or do you normally just wing it? Do you wear your college colors or something with a little more personality? Leave a comment and let me know!

Jenn is a communications grad student and a social media fanatic who spends her free time reading, writing, watching too much tv and shopping for shoes she can’t afford. At least that’s what her Twitter bio says. Follow her @jenninzetta.`

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