Everything You Missed From the CollegeCandy Booze Cruise!

We, the guys and girls of COED Media Group, threw our inaugural Summer Booze Cruise on Thursday, August 16th. Long story short, it was an outright success. We invited our friends, partners, advertisers, and even our wonderful summer interns to enjoy a boat ride around the south bend of Manhattan. Not a bad way to say farewell to CMG’s most successful summer so far. Take a look below to see exactly how we get down.
The party began as soon as the boat pulled out from the dock. Bruvado Imports was kind enough to not only provide beer, tequila, and bourbon but also some mighty fine servers to keep everyone’s thirst quenched. Chowing down on Florencia 13, the finest Mexican food in NYC, almost made the night that much more delicious.
Henry Gillespie’s one-man project Popular Culture helped to get the dancing started again. In a very good way, we all learned that there’s nothing better than getting a little weird on a boat.
For fear of being fired, I can’t recount the craziness we got into but what I can do is point you in the direction of the photobooth gallery. If you see a few strange wigs and Goosebumps books, that’s because the Ermagherd! girl was the theme of the party. What? We’re internet nerds–memes make us laugh. If you were one of the people who attended, make sure to check out your photos in the gallery below or here on Facebook.
We’d like to thank Bruvado Imports and Florencia 13 for providing food and drinks; Popular Culture and Rick’s Cabaret for providing entertainment; Your Tango, Burst Media, Edelman, Woven, College Humor, T3, National Lampoon, Maxim, Bleacher Report, MLB, NY Daily News, and Heavy for attending; and Mattoos Entertainment for taking the photos.

Prim in Peplum [8 Under $20]
Prim in Peplum [8 Under $20]
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