Make Your Own Laptop Case! [DIY With CC]

I finally replaced my barely working laptop with a new model, so now I’m on the lookout for a cute case to protect it. After scouring amazon and finding nothing, I was so pleased to find this tutorial on making my very own laptop sleeve. As school is starting up again soon; why not make yourself a pretty new laptop case? Here’s how to do it:
What You’ll Need:
Canvas Fabric in a Pattern of Your Choice
Fabric Glue
A Buckle
A Pencil
A Ruler

Here’s How to Make Your Very Own Laptop Sleeve!
1. Lay out your canvas fabric with the print side facing down, then lay your felt on top of it. Place your laptop on top of your two fabrics, and draw a rectangle around it, leaving a gap of around an inch.
2. This is where it gets complex to explain. On either side of your rectangle, draw two triangles pointing outwards, these need to be around half as wide as your laptop.
3. On the other sides of your center rectangle, draw two more rectangles of the same size.
4. Cut out your outline from only the felt.
5. Glue your cut felt shape onto your canvas material, and let dry for 15 minutes.
6. Now cut around your felt shape, again leaving a gap of around one inch.
7. Place glue all around the one inch gap, then fold the flap inwards.
8. Place your laptop into your shape, then fold all the flaps to form a laptop sleeve
9. Measure where the half way point of the width of your laptop is. You then need to glue your ribbon onto the BACK of your laptop sleeve, leaving ends free on either side – these will wrap around the laptop, so leave enough ribbon!
10. Slide one end of the ribbon through your buckle, fold the end in half and glue down the edge. The other end of the ribbon will slide through the buckle to secure your laptop when it’s in the sleeve.
Voila, done!
[Thanks so much to I Spy DIY for the inspiration and photos!]

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