No Bread, No Pasta… Uh, No Problem? [One Month Challenge, Week #4]

So far all of my posts regarding this challenge have started out in a pretty positive manner. Sadly the past week hasn’t gone too great food-wise and I’m frankly getting tired of this diet. First of all, I’m not feeling any skinnier. Sure, I’m less bloated which is great, but now that my body has adjusted to these new eating habits the difference is small and almost not worth the struggle. I’m also noticing that while getting rid of one bad habit, I’ve gained a couple of new ones on the way. While spending a bunch of energy avoiding bread and pasta, I’ve eaten an overload of cheese and nuts in the past week. That might explain why my weight seems to be the same as when I first got started. I’ve noticed that my skin isn’t doing great at the moment, and I’m starting to wonder whether it could have something to do the with bread’s multigrain goodness suddenly lacking from my weekly menu.
The biggest challenge regarding my eating habits seems to be finding balance.¬†As I’ve already mentioned in my previous posts, sticking to the diet gets harder during the weekends when I tend to be spontaneous. The other night I had some of my friend’s chicken parmigiana sandwich while we were riding in a cab back to my place. I don’t know what got into me! I rudely grabbed the sandwhich and took a couple huge bites before handing it back to her. Needless to say I was really disappointed in myself afterwards, and my friend wasn’t amused either.
Cutting down on bread and pasta (and carbs in general) has definitely been a good for me. But removing a couple of foods from my diet completely has taken a lot of effort, and I’m just not sure if it’s that beneficial. I can’t really say whether this diet will work for me long-term, I suppose I haven’t made my mind up yet. Maybe I should continue restricting my pasta and bread intake in the future, but allow myself to have a bagel once or twice a week. I’m happy that I’ve finally learned to somewhat cope with my carb cravings though!

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