12 Things You Should NEVER Say To Guys [Dude’s List]


Last Dude’s List I gave you more than a dozen things that men should never say to women…time to cross the beams! And no, we’re not going to rip apart reality, I’m just going to illustrate that we’re driving down a two-way street when it comes to sh*t you shouldn’t say. Now, to be fair, there are similarities to what a lot of guys are sensitive about and to what a lot of women are sensitive about. There are some differences, though…oh, and may I add that the following list is compiled of a result of a survey conducted with members of both genders, so y’all had something to say about this, too!

A dozen don’ts but goodness gracious sake’s alive there are hundreds more. Have you ever realized you said something you shouldn’t have to your boy? What was it? What’d it take to fix things? Which of these were first proposed by you? Fire away in the comments below and remember that the above list has been compiled for the betterment of humankind.

Somebody call my mama!

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