Dropping The Double-Standard [Sex in the News]

College students are finally making strides towards dropping the double standard towards promiscuity. Research presented at the annual meeting of the American Sociological Association showed findings from a survey of 19,000 students from 22 colleges. According to the survey, men and women are judging both sexes more equally for their sexual behavior.
Research showed that almost an equal percentage of male and female participants would judge either women or men more harshly for their sexual escapades.What might surprise you is that it’s not all high-fives and slaps on the back encouraging additional notches to the bedpost.  Almost half of college kids frown upon too many “hook ups” by both genders.

The study showed that more women judge the sexes more equally than men. The survey also revealed that an individual’s religious preference and school location were major factors in their answers. West Coast students were more forgiving of behavior than their Midwest and East Coast cohorts. Students that identified with a sexual orientation other than heterosexual were also more forgiving.
Alas, the old slut vs. player monikers is becoming less popular as students begin to judge both sexes more fairly.
What do you think? Do you judge men and women equally when it comes to their sexual behaviour? 
Leah graduated from Ryerson University with her Bachelor of Journalism. She’s currently interning at a design magazine in Toronto and spending her spare time baking tasty cupcakes. You can follow her @ElleandBee.

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