Where Are They Now: Gilmore Girls


There are some shows you watch on television and just know they’re one-of-a-kind.  In a sea of reality tv and trashy teen dramas, you know you’ve found a special one.  They’re often quirky, funny, sad, happy — a big mishmash of emotions — and you become personally invested in each character and their well-being.

Everyone has their favorite shows, and I have to say for me, Gilmore Girls tops the charts.  I literally wanted to be the third musketeer in the Lorelei, Sookie crew at the inn (Michel is NOT part of the crew!).

Oh, and did I mention there is no couple like Luke and Lorelei?  I mean they fit together like two puzzle pieces.  Both of them are witty and just hysterical in their own right, but especially so together.  Ugh.  You all really have no idea how much I miss this show and all my friends (yes, friends) who were in it!

But since life goes on, and these actors have moved on as well.  Where are they now?  Let’s see…

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