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Healthy Living on The Digest Diet [One Month Challenge]


I have never been one to give into diet fads and crazes, but when I heard about The Digest Diet I figured — since it is so popular and since the author is highly regarded — I might as well try it. That brings me to this post and deciding to do a One Month Challenge because, let’s be honest, if I didn’t have anyone to report to, I might not actually do it! Lucky for me however, I have you guys!

Okay, on to the challenge! So The Digest Diet is a book written by acclaimed author and Editor-in-Chief of Reader’s Digest, Liz Vaccariello. You can buy the book here if you’re interested in doing the diet along with me. It’s a really great read so far and I can’t wait to start changing the way I eat and exercise. It has some really interesting facts about fats.

Did you know that there are fat releasers? Vitamin C, Calcium, Dairy – I was shocked to see dairy on there. I love me some cheese, but really? Protein, PUFAs and MUFAs are monounsaturated fatty acids and polyunsaturates. I love chocolate, nuts, olive oil and avocado. I think this will be okay right? Coconut Oil, Resveratrol – red wine! – Fiber and Vinegar, and Quinoa, Honey, and Cocoa! This is a good thing.

Let’s all pray for me.

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