10 Fashion Brands to Follow on Twitter

It’s no secret amongst my family, my friends, or you know, the entire internet that I’m a big fan of fashion. But I’m also a big fan of social media, and the way social media has revolutionized the fashion industry, allowing untouchable companies to become more relatable. Not only do fashion brands have cute companies now, but they also have shareable content, and in my book that’s pretty great.
So a brand that manages to bring style and social media together? That’s a brand that I can get behind. I follow a lot of fashion brands on Twitter, but they were not all created equal. Some barely update, some update only to respond to fans. Some offer style advice, some offer quotes, and some do a little bit of everything.  You can probably guess which ones are my favorite, but check out the full list below.

What are some of your favorite fashion brands to follow Twitter? Do you follow any of the people I’ve listed below? Leave a comment and let me know!
Jenn is a communications grad student and a social media fanatic who spends her free time reading, writing, watching too much tv and shopping for shoes she can’t afford. At least that’s what her Twitter bio says. Follow her @jenninzetta.
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