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Earthquakes, Hurricanes, and Conventions [Current Events Cheat Sheet]


At Home

A swarm of earthquakes hit California, and more than 400 earthquakes with a magnitude above 1.0 took place over the span of one week. Several buildings have been closed due to damage.

Tropical Storm Isaac is moving at a very slow pace, and its winds have slowed to manageable speeds, but the storm’s heavy rains still pose a threat. Over 60,000 people near the Tangipahoa River in Louisiana have been evacuated, because a dam on the portion of the river that runs through Mississippi is in danger of failing. The storm is on its way toward Arkansas.

Representative Paul Ryan brought the crowd at the Republican National Convention to its feet with his speech, leading to speculation that he may actually be more popular than Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney. However, Ryan’s speech was later found to be full of factual inaccuracies.

The World

A slogan supporting the female punk rock band Pussy Riot was found at a murder scene in Russia.

Two weeks ago, police in South Africa opened fire on a crowd of 3,000 mine workers engaged in a strike, killing 34. Now, the South African government will charge 270 of the miners themselves with the crime.

Brazil’s social security agency granted “maternity leave” to a man in a civil union with another man for the first time.


Just when you thought the excitement of the Olympics was over, the 2012 Paralympic Games began in London. Over 4,000 athletes from 164 teams will compete in the sold-out games. Queen Elizabeth presided over the Opening Ceremony, and 11.2 million people tuned in live in the UK to see it.

Hot on the Web

In this week’s top trending video, watch Jeff Wysaski of replace all the signs at Target with new names.

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