Green With Envy Over Make Up For Ever Eyeshadows [In Our Makeup Bag]

What It Is:
Make Up For Ever Eyeshadow in Peacock Green 80 and Iridescent Lagoon Green 168
Why This Should Be in Your Bag:
Eyeshadow singles are something I don’t review very often on CC. I have to admit, I love my palettes. There is just something about having so many eyeshadows tucked into one cute, convenient package! However, many brands withhold their best formulas and shadows for individual shadows and they are definitely worth a look.
Make Up For Ever is a great brand for professional quality products at customer-friendly prices. MUFE promises that due to dense pigments, these shadows have amazing lasting power. Their stuff is known for sticking around until the bitter end, so I was excited to pair their new Eye Prime with their famous eyeshadows!
How To Use It:
First, take a look at some swatches of these two shadows. Talk about PIGMENT!

(Iridescent Lagoon Green 168 and Peacock Green 80 – natural light)

(Iridescent Lagoon Green 168 and Peacock Green 80 – flash)

I paired these two shades like so:
– Apply Make Up For Ever Eye Prime all over lid
– Swipe a neutral shade all over the lid
– Add Iridescent Lagoon Green 168 to the crease
– Finish with Peacock Green 80 in the outer corner
I also topped them off with black liner and mascara and VOILA!
CC Rating: A-
The Make Up For Ever Eyeshadows that I tested are beyond! Seriously, the pigment on these bad boys is amazing and they positively GLOW! I can’t believe they were able to pack so much dimension into a single shade. It’s hard to see in the photo of my eye look, but Iridescent Lagoon Green 168 really sparkled on my lids and complimented my green eyes great. I found paired with MUFE’s Eye Prime this look lasted all day, for about 8 solid hours.
The downside to these actually has nothing to do with the formula. The plastic packaging was a bit of a letdown; it was rather flimsy and I’m not sure that it would hold up very well during travel. I’d be hesitant to bring this shadows in a touch-up bag for fear of them breaking!
For my next night on the town, I’ll definitely be busting out Iridescent Lagoon Green 168 and Peacock Green 80; I’m already dreaming of the beautiful, bold eye look I’ll be able to create with them! If you’re looking for a couple greens to kick up the volume in your eyeshadow collection, these are it. The full range of Make Up For Ever Eyeshadows (let me tell you, it’s huge!) is available at for $20 USD/$23 CAD.
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