You Want to WHAT?! What to Do When Your BF Wants to Do Something Weird [He Said/She Said]

‘ohh, you want to dress up in a fluffy hat and pretend to be Anna Karenina? Sounds good!’

Relationships are supposed to be built on trust, open communication and complete honesty, but when it comes to more ‘personal’ preferences, it can be difficult to keep calm and share everything. Maybe you don’t tell your boyfriend about that dirty dream you had involving a girl, or the fact that you like things a little rougher. And you know what, that’s okay!

Sex is such a personal thing that sometimes the specifics don’t need to be shared – even with the person you’re involved with. But what do you do when your significant other is honest enough to tell you something they like to do, that you’re a bit uncomfortable with? Here’s how to handle a potentially very awkward situation…

PS: Want to see how He Said he’d deal with your bizarre requests? Check it out over at COED!

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