CC's Ultimate Fall Nail Polish Review

I have a confession – I’m a nail biter. I always manage to grow my nails for a week or so, but the second I get bored, stressed, or sad I’m left with short, stubby nails yet again. But, success! This summer I have actually managed to not bite my nails. I’m so happy, not only because it’s a pretty gross habit, but also because now I can finally try out all the nail polish and art trends I so desperately coveted in my nail-biting days.
As a result of my new found nail polish addiction, I’ve tried and tested all the best polishes from our favorite brands, and come up with 16 of the absolute perfect nail polishes for Fall 2012. Check out our gallery below to see which ones made the list!

Which nail polishes will you be wearing this Fall? Leave a comment below and let us know your top polish picks!
[lead image via nailstyle8]

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