A Guide to Bangs for Your Face Shape

As a member of the ‘oh God, why did I ever get bangs?’ club, I could definitely do with some help on any future haircuts. Take it from me, before you go for the chop, a. think carefully and b. work out the right type of bangs for you. What should you consider when debating bangs? Your hair type, of course, but also your face shape.
If you have an oval shaped face, consider yourself very lucky! Oval faces can handle most bang styles with ease, and can use bangs as a way to minimize face length or balance out a larger forehead. Although you’ll look good with virtually any type of bang, the most flattering fringe look for you is long, thick, and eye-grazing bangs.
What about if you have a square, round, or heart-shaped face? Click here to find out the right bangs for your face shape as well as some top tips on how to style your new cut!
[lead image via bangstyle]

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